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Fri August 12 2022

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Egis to manage Santiago Metro line

29 Jul French consulting engineer Egis and its Chilean partner, CyD Ingéneria, have won the contract to manage construction of the new line 7 of the Santiago Metro.

Egis has already worked on lines 2,3 and 6 of the Santiago Metro
Egis has already worked on lines 2,3 and 6 of the Santiago Metro

The two companies have already worked together on lines 2,3 and 6 of city’s rapid transit network.

Line 7 is the first project in a new cycle of expansion of the Santiago Metro with three new lines and three extensions planned for the next few years.

Programmed to open in 2027, line 7 will extend over 26km and will consist of 19 stations. It will extend from Renca to the north-west, passing through the city centre to Las Condes and Vitacura north-east of the city.

The new metro line is intended to relieve congestion on the existing line 1 and will run parallel to the existing line for much of its length.

The Egis team will oversee project development as well as the testing and commissioning phase. The new line is designed to be 100% automatic and Egis will be responsible for specifying all systems including the tracks, catenaries, automatic piloting, platform screen doors and communications.

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