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Sun September 23 2018

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Highways England calls for bids on new-style £8.7bn framework

16 Jan Highways England has published the contract notice for £8.7bn worth of road construction work.

Highways England is looking for a maximum of 18 'delivery integration partners' to join a framework for its projects across England for 72 months from 2018 to 2024.

The new procurement model builds on the success of its predecessor, the collaborative delivery framework (CDF).

The contract notice now published is for contractors to deliver schemes such as conventional road widening and junction improvements.

A second procurement phase of the regional delivery partnership procurement, for technical consultants and being issued in autumn 2018, is worth approximately £300m.

The at the end of 2018 a new and separate model will be launched covering the delivery of the smart motorways programme . Highways England will continue to engage with the supply chain in developing this new model to deliver smart motorways throughout 2018.

The first framework will be divided into eight lots, with each lot having a specific value threshold for work packages and covering a defined geographical area: lots 1 to 3 (Band A) are for work packages up to £100m in value; lots 4 to 8 (Band B) are for work packages exceeding £100m.

Contractors who apply for lots 1 to 3 will not be permitted to apply for lots 4 to 8.

No contractor will be given more than two lots.

All lots will each have two successful tenderers appointed to them, except lots 7 & 8 which will have three appointed.

The contract will be under NEC4 standard terms, with suitable amendments.

The lots

  • Lot No: 1 South West & Midlands (< £100m) - £200m estimated value
  • Lot No: 2 South East and East (< £100m) - £350m
  • Lot No: 3 North (< £100m) - £200m
  • Lot No: 4 South West (>£100m) - £800m
  • Lot No: 5 Midlands (> £100m) - £1250m
  • Lot No: 6 South East (> £100m) - £1100m
  • Lot No: 7 East (> £100m) - £2800m – two contractors
  • Lot No: 8 North (> £100m) - £2000m.

For further details, see our dedicated Contract Leads section.

Highways England procurement director Sharon Cuff said: "To achieve our ambition over the next decade we must deliver a large number of major road improvement schemes, and the relationship we have with our suppliers is critical to the success of these schemes.

“The new contract model we are launching today puts collaboration at the heart of the relationships necessary to deliver the road investment strategy at the scale and pace required, and I urge all of the supply chain to engage."


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