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Mon May 20 2024

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New JV offers robot-built block walls

6 Feb 19 Australian robotics firm FBR is to collaborate with a building products business in order to offer robot-built block walls.

FBR developed the Hadrian X brick-laying robot(link opens in new tab). It has now signed the binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Brickworks Building Products under which they agree to collaborate on the manufacture and certification of concrete masonry unit blocks suitable for the construction of structural walls of residential buildings in Australia.

Fastbrick Australia, the proposed joint venture company, will supply ‘Wall as a Service’ to the Australian building and construction market using Hadrian X.

Under the proposed joint venture, Brickworks would: exclusively manufacture customised blocks for use by the Hadrian X in Australia under licence and o be granted the exclusive right to supply brick and block products for use by Hadrian X in Australia.

Fastbrick Australia is to begin pilot programme operations in Western Australia straightaway. The pilot programme will involve the Hadrian X building the structural walls of residential homes using Brickworks blocks with construction adhesive.

The MOU sets out the key terms on which FBR and Brickworks propose to operate a special purpose 50/50 joint venture company for a period of three years.

Related Information

The purpose of the joint venture company is primarily to demonstrate the building capabilities of the Hadrian X and to prove the WaaS business model in Australia.

After market analysis in relation to potential commercialisation routes, WaaS has emerged as FBR’s current preferred business model.

Under the binding MOU, FBR and Brickworks have also agreed to collaborate in the design, manufacture, compliance certification and testing of clay and concrete masonry blocks for use by Hadrian X in the Australian market, starting with the development of a block product that is suitable to Western Australian builders.

Fastbrick Australia will engage with building companies to provide the structural brickwork for residential homes through commercial building contracts. Revenue is likely to be on a ‘per square metre of wall built’ basis.

The Hadrian X is a collaborative robot (co-bot) that will work on site with experienced robot operators/masons.  

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