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Sun November 28 2021

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Scotland stresses that nothing has changed

11 May 20 Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has emphasised that lockdown remains in place there but has said that consideration is being given to permitting some additional forms of outdoor work.

All non-essential construction work remains halted in Scotland.

Sturgeon said that over the coming days the Scottish government will think about whether some additional forms of outdoor work – particularly where people work on their own or at a distance – can safely resume. “We will also be looking urgently – in close discussion with councils – at the possibility of reopening waste and recycling centres,” she added.

In addition, Sturgeon said that the Scottish government is working with businesses to produce guidance specific to the needs of industry, workers and public health. “We will publish that guidance, sector by sector, in the coming days and weeks – our early priority is to give guidance and visibility to the construction, manufacturing and retail sectors,” she said.

“As I have set out before, the rate of transmission of the virus in Scotland – the R number you are used to hearing about – is still too high for any significant change to be safe at this stage,” said Sturgeon. “Indeed, the R number may, as I said earlier in the week, be slightly higher here than in other parts of the UK at this point.

Related Information

“That means we must be very cautious and very careful about where we proceed to from here. Having made real progress in recent weeks and I think you can tell from the figures that I am setting out day after day that we have made real progress. The objective now for all of us must be to consolidate and solidify that progress – we must not squander our progress by easing up too soon or by sending mixed messages that result in people thinking it’s ok to ease up now.”

She said that her basic message for Scotland remains the same as it has been – “please stay at home, except for essential purposes”.

The one change has been in the guidance relating to exercise, with the once-a-day limit beng removed.

She said that it was prime minister Boris Johnson’s absolutely his right to make changes for England. “However, for the avoidance of doubt, let me be clear – except for the one change I have confirmed today, the rules here have not changed. We remain in lockdown for now and my ask of you remains to ‘Stay at Home’.”

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