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Sun June 20 2021

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Short tail wheelie from Doosan

7 Jul 16 Doosan has launched a new 16.5-tonne short tail wheeled excavator for working in urban areas and tight spaces.

Doosan DX165W-5 wheeled excavator
Doosan DX165W-5 wheeled excavator

The DX165W-5 complies with the Stage IV European engine emissions regulations and has the same performance specification as the conventional Doosan wheeled excavator models despite having a swing radius of just 1850 mm.  

It has the same undercarriage as the DX160W-3 model, with a long wheel base to provide stability.

The DX165W-5 can lift 5.87 tonnes at 4.5 metres reach over the front (at 3 metres high) and 4.28 tonnes over the side.  According to the Korean manufacturer, this makes it better performing than any other short tail wheeled excavator in its class. 

Minimum swing diameter when fully retracted is 4.5 metres.

Brief specifications for the Doosan DX165W-5 wheeled excavator (Arti with 2.5-metre arm)


0.24-0.76 m3

Operating weight

16.5 tonnes

Digging depth (std front)

5020 mm

Digging reach (std front)

8235 mm

Digging height (std front)

8850 mm

Overall width

2500 mm

Height (std front)

3102 mm

Overall length in travel position (std front)

7655 mm

Tail swing radius

1850 mm

Digging force over bucket (ISO)

114.9 kN

Digging force over arm (ISO)

67.7 kN

Lifting capacity at ground level (over front)

5.87 tonnes (3 m height/4.5 m reach)

Lifting capacity at ground level (over side)

4.28 tonnes (3 m height/4.5 m reach)

Travel speed

37 km/h

Engine (SAE J1349, net)

4-cylinder Perkins 1204F Stage IV (EGR/SCR), 102.1kW (137 HP) at 2200 rpm

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