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Thu December 07 2023

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Bright lights, big quarry

Digger Blogger | 08:00, Thu December 15 2022

The work lights that are mounted on diggers these days are bright enough illuminate a rock video. Apparently.

Tyri Lights, a Swedish manufacturer of construction machinery work lights, has dropped a new marketing gimmick onto an unsuspecting world.

Tyri’s marketing manager Peo Axelsson writes and performs songs on the side, under the name Pax. He decided to film himself and some mates in a pitch-back quarry at night, illuminated only by construction machinery fitted with Tyri lamps.

The song is called Let There Be Light and, according to the publicity, it “pays tribute to machine operators… to all those people who spend long days sitting in heavy machines and work in challenging environments”.

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Peo Axelsson says:  “I’ve been making music all my life, and rock music is especially close to my heart. The idea seemed obvious once it came to me. Of course, we should produce a rock song for all those heroes who operate heavy machinery. The tough, often dark environment, the noise, the light from the lamps – everything is absolutely perfect for rock. I wrote the song, Let There Be Light, and then began collaborating with countless Tyri employees – even our customers got involved. The result was incredible, even if I do say so myself. I’m so proud and happy that we did this and really hope that the song will be played with the volume turned right up in all machine cabs around the world.”

He adds: “This is definitely the coolest project I’ve ever worked on. We’ve demonstrated the strength of our vision and that we can accomplish anything that reinforces that. At the same time, we are creating a culture at the company where nothing is impossible. It’s great that we are able to show the entire industry that TyriI continues to have original ideas, whether it’s the next generation of lighting or paying tribute to our end users with a really great rock song.”

Here's the video.



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