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Thu November 30 2023

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Flatter back for DX140

Digger Blogger | 09:00, Thu June 15 2023

Develon, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has refreshed its 14-tonne crawler excavator.

The DX140LC-7 model has been replaced by the flatter-backed DX140LC-7K.

While the performance and working range are unchanged, the new machine has added features including: easier access, improved visibility to both the rear and the right, and a new dashboard with tablet design.

Anti-slip steps and handrails have been added behind the cab.

A flattened engine cover design has reduced the maximum height of cover components on the back of the machine from 1285.5 mm and 1320 mm down to a uniform 1070 mm across all of the back of the machine. This offers better visibility for the operator both to the rear and to the right hand side of the machine. 

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Inside the engine compartment, changes have been made which have facilitated the new lower engine cover, including the repositioning of the power take-off for the rotation pump from the main pump to the engine itself. This has also allowed the size of the aftertreatment system to be optimised and for it to be lowered.

Elsewhere on the DX140LC-7K, Develon has removed holding valves from the main valve for better fluidity. These holding valves on the main valve are not needed in the EU, as they are standard on the boom and arm. This reduces pressure losses and creates less heat in the system. The air prefilter has also been moved for better performance and noise reduction.

Inside the operator’s cab, there is a new dashboard monitor with a tablet design.  The former hydraulic two-way pedal has also been replaced by an electronic two-way pedal, with a new PE3C electric pedal as a standard feature, together with a simplified hydraulic system.


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