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Import Hitachi is an irreplaceable piece of kit

Digger Blogger | 11:49, Sun October 14 2012

Regular reader and contributor Scott Hastings, has sent in these photos of a rare machine which has proved to be a very useful piece of kit for a local plant hire company.

This unusual Hitachi EX70LCK-5 is run by Hewitt Plant Hire, who are based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. The machine which has an operating weight of 7.5 tons, is powered by a 4 cylinder Nissan engine and features an extending dipper arrangement which has proved its worth for the company time and time again.

The machine, which has amassed an impressive 8200 operational hours, was imported in 1997 by local machine dealer Ian Smith of Scotter, Linclonshire, during the heyday for grey import machines. The machine is occasionally operated by Steve Collishaw, who’s regular mount is the company’s new JCB JS145LC that we covered on the blog last year. Steve is impressed with the little Hitachi and says that despite its age it still purrs like a kitten. The extending dipper is great too, as it gives the machine the same reach as a 13 tonner!

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However the machine is starting to get a bit tired after giving many years of faultless service and the search is on for a replacement. This has proved to be something of a challenge, as even the local HM Plant Hitachi sales representative has never seen anything else quite like it.

It will be interesting to see what the company decide to go for as a replacement for the ageing but ever reliable Hitachi machine. Rest assured we will bring news of its replacement here on the Digger Blog.  


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