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Sat April 13 2024

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Komatsu improves the 88

Digger Blogger | 11:00, Thu March 21 2024

The PC88MR-11 midi-excavators is Komatsu’s latest offering in the sub-9-tonne class.

With an operating weight of 8.7 tonnes, the Komatsu PC88MR-11 is the successor model to the PC88MR-10.

Improvements cited by the manufacturer include up to 7% more productivity (thanks to faster hoist and swing speeds), a 14% increase in levelling speed, 6% less fuel consumption (on average) with its Stage V engine (50.7 kW / 68hp), and a 20mm reduction in transport height with the -11 series cab style.

The PC88MR-11 also has a factory-fitted Lehnhoff Powertilt option.

Related Information

Other changes include a redesigned blade for better dozing, the repositioning of the low/high gear switch for better ergonomics, or an automatic change-over valve for more comfort when changing attachments.

Komatsu Europe product manager Simone Reddi says: “This is not just a simple model update. The PC88MR-11 introduces several improvements in digging performances and structure. The whole dig-loading cycle is improved, increasing production, giving the feeling of a faster machine. Last but not least, this latest Komatsu midi excavator features the European debut of the brand new EU Stage V Komatsu 2.4 litre engine with KDPF, so no SCR needed.”




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