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Tue June 18 2024

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PHIL updates the Autogate Tailgate

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Tue March 05 2019

Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc, otherwise known as PHIL, is a US firm based in Peoria that specialises in customising off-highway trucks.

PHIL’s Autogate Tailgate was the first commercially available tailgate, unveiled 50 years ago way back in 1969 specifically for Komatsu rigid frame trucks. It and has since become the de facto standard in off-highway truck tailgates used in quarries and mines around the world, the company says.

Well, now PHIL has a new version of the Autogate Tailgate.

Still designed specifically for Komatsu rigid frame trucks, the  new Autogate Tailgate is designed with a traditional outrigger that bolts to the undercarriage of the off-highway truck. This new design does not require any welding to the frame, allowing operators to retain Komatsu’s original OEM truck frame warranty. The design’s new ‘banana superstructure’ provides the stability and structural integrity without sacrificing opening clearance at full dump. The company says that it also ‘minimises frustrations of end-user service departments concerning premature tailgate chain wear and roller-box maintenance found previously on tailgates designed for Komatsu rigid frame trucks’.

It is available for Komatsu HD405-8, HD465-8 and HD605-8 haul trucks. Retrofit kits to convert old tailgates for Komatsu HD series rigid frame trucks in -5, -7 and -7EO models will be available in the coming months.

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