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Fri December 08 2023

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Snow clearing Norwegian style

Digger Blogger | 19:37, Wed December 15 2010

With the next covering of snow in the UK expected over the weekend the Digger blog has been sent this video by one of our regular Finnish readers showing how the professionals deal with the white stuff.

These professional snow blowers are manufactured by Norwegian company Overaasen who are specialists in snow clearing technology.

This particular model is designed to be used in conjunction with wheeled loaders, in this instance a Volvo model, and can cope with all kinds of snow, including wet, hard packed, or icy snow. 

Øveraasen have over a century of experience in the snow clearance industry and today can offer snowblowers and equipment with capacities of up to 12.000 tonnes/hour.

Would be great to see some of this kit in action on British roads. In Devon where I live the council run an old snow blower that is over 30 years old!




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