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Tue June 18 2024

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There’s drivers & screwdrivers!

Digger Blogger | 19:18, Thu October 18 2012

This accident video was recently posted on our Friends of the Digger Blog Facebook page by James Mulholland. I thought it was only fair to share it with the larger blog readership.

In this clip, a brand new Kobelco SK200 appears to have toppled over cab side, possibly whilst coming off a low loader. Two excavators are in attendance to try and pull the toppled machine upright. Incredibly, one of the rescue machines seems to be heading for a similar fate! It’s worth fast forwarding to about 2 minutes as there is not much going on until then. It really is a comedy of errors, and to be honest it’s quite scary to think that these kind of people are out there driving machines for a living.

Please don’t have nightmares!


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