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Tue June 18 2024

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Yanmar unwraps eight-tonne ZTS midi

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Tue December 11 2018

Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe has added the ViO82 zero tail-swing midi excavator to its line-up.

With neither the counterweight nor the upper frame overhanging the unit’s tracks, this 8,200 kg model is a true zero tail-swing excavator for operations in tight urban spaces or single carriageways.

The X-shaped undercarriage design spreads the weight and provides the stability and torsional stiffness for enhanced lifting capability, while the boom has been designed to swing up to 60° on both sides.

The ViO82 is powered by Yanmar’s 3.3L 4TNV98C-WBV1 water-cooled diesel engine, delivering 41.5kW (55.6 HP) gross power at 1,900 rpm. It achieves a digging force of 63.5kN (bucket), 25° gradeability and a travel speed of 5 km/h. The addition of Yanmar’s VIPPS21 two-pump independent hydraulic system, regulating hydraulic flow based on engine speed, minimises pressure loss and improves smooth operation.



Related Information

A common rail direct injection system allows the engine’s control unit to fine-tune combustion and optimise performance, while cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology further reduces exhaust emissions. This, combined with auto-deceleration and eco-mode (which limits power when duty cycles require minimal movement) makes the ViO82 one of Yanmar’s cleanest models to date, the manufacturer says.

Andreas Hactergal, sales and marketing director at Yanmar CEE, says: “Completing our zero tail-swing excavator portfolio, we’re confident that the ViO82 will prove popular with construction professionals across the UK and Ireland.

“Despite being the largest model in our zero tail line-up, the ViO82 has been designed to perform in the tightest of spaces. Embracing the latest technology, including our 4TNV98C-WBV1 engine, operators benefit from exceptional performance, class-leading fuel economy and minimal emissions.

“As with each model in the Yanmar CEE portfolio, the ViO82 uses premium components to ensure maximum quality and reliability. From materials use to hose routing, intricate design aims to enhance service life and reduce downtime.”




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