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Sat March 02 2024

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March 2022 Features

Must Watch

WATCH: Inside HS2's longest tunnel – first two miles under the Chilterns

Yarmouth’s third bridge

A new lift-bridge, declared a structure of “national significance”, is under construction over the River Yare in Norfolk. David Taylor reports

Health & safety on trial

The boss of a leading regional scaffolding firm wants to drive home the safety message by putting his staff in the dock. He spoke to David Taylor

House-builders: Sweating the small stuff

Small and medium-sized house-builders are becoming an endangered species as the big volume builders tighten their stranglehold on the sector. Mark Smulian reports

Tunnel vision – a new approach to tunnelling

A new approach to tunnelling has caught the imagination of some of the world’s leading civil engineers – despite the idea’s originators having no prior experience of tunnelling. David Taylor reports

Digging up the past

The vast majority of archaeological discoveries in the UK occur on construction sites. David Taylor reports

Offsite champion Bob Weston

Unlike most volume house-builders, Bob Weston is a firm advocate of offsite manufacturing, with his own factory and his own offsite system. And now he’s building a second factory to increase capacity. He spoke to David Taylor