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Mon May 17 2021

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Aquajet introduces Aqua Cutter 710V

7 Jun 17 Brokk subsidiary Aquajet Systems has brought out a new hydrodemolition robot for heavy-duty concrete removal.

The Aqua Cutter 710V
The Aqua Cutter 710V

The Aqua Cutter 710V is Aquajet’s farthest-reaching unit, offering 23 ft of reach.

“We designed the Aqua Cutter 710V to give customers the ability to accomplish more work, even in hard to reach areas,” said Aquajet Systems managing director Roger Simonsson. “The robot’s extended reach allows contractors to get at and remove concrete in areas other robots simply cannot.”

The 2.3-tonne Aqua Cutter 710V uses 14,500 to 40,000 psi water jets to remove as much as a cubic metre concrete per hour. The robot’s stroke is adjustable to control the depth of cuts and vary the pressure of the water jet depending on whether it is for removing loose, deteriorated concrete or lowering sound concrete to a predetermined depth.

Operators can control the 710V by radio remote control, either wirelessly or with a hard wire. The remote communicates with the robot’s wheeled power control module.

Whereas pneumatic tools or milling machines may damage the rebar or produce microfracturing in the remaining concrete, hydrodemolition machines clean and descale the rebar, Aquajet says.

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