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Wed September 19 2018

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Atlas Copco in green machine drive

15 Mar Atlas Copco has revealed plans to focus product development on clean machinery that does not spew out diesel emissions.

Atlas Copco E-Air 250 portable air compressor
Atlas Copco E-Air 250 portable air compressor

Atlas Copco Power Technique is aiming to triple its revenues from non-polluting drive technology by 2022. Much of its R&D investment will go on developing electrically-driven machinery, such as the recently launched E-Air 250 portable air compressor.

However, because diesel-driven machinery remains in demand for certain applications and in less-regulated markets, Atlas Copco will not phase it out just yet. Instead it is committed to producing diesel-driven equipment that is fuel-efficient and delivers reduced carbon and noise emissions.

Several new machines that demonstrate the company’s strategy were unveiled this week, including the HiLight B5+ light tower and the QAS VSG and TwinPower generators.

Andrew Walker, president of the Atlas Copco Power Technique business area, said: “Our core competency is providing power solutions to thousands of sites all over the world. We are now focused purely on three pillars – air, power and flow – and will continue to accelerate our research and new product development efforts in these areas to pioneer the technology of the future.”

The Power & Flow division, set up at the start of 2018, held a demonstration event at Alexandra Palace in London on 12th March. On show was the new QAS 35 VSG variable speed generator, billed as “a game changer in terms of operational savings, performance and reliability”. Atlas Copco claims it uses 40% less fuel than competitor machines thanks to its automatic variable speed control (from 800 to 2550 rpm) and built-in power management system.

New solutions from Atlas Copco for modular power plant (MPP) applications include the QAC 1450 TwinPower generator, a 20ft ISO containerised unit housing two 725kVA generators. It is powered by V8 Scania engines with double bearing alternators, allowing the two generators to work independently or in parallel with each other.

Also on show was the new diesel-powered LED light tower, the HiLight B5+, designed specifically for use in urban areas, having operating noise levels as low as 55 dBA. According to Atlas Copco, the floodlights can cover 5000m2 area at an average luminosity of 20 luxes. As previously reported, it also has a SmartMast system that automatically lowers the tower if it gets too windy.

Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Portable Air division is bringing out a new E-Air 250 plug-and-play portable, electric-powered compressor with variable speed (VSD) drive. It claims up to 40% greater flow for the same power consumption compared to conventional portable compressors. This is the latest addition to the Atlas Copco E-Air range, but the first to appear under the 8 Series banner.


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