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Wed June 23 2021

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Programmable grade control wins in Cat head-to-head race

22 Aug 13 Caterpillar has published the results of a head-to-head test carried out earlier this year between two 323E excavators, one fitted with the Cat Grade Control system.

Use of the factory-integrated production system boosted production by 35%. After one hour 17 minutes, the machine equipped with the Cat Grade Control system had finished its task. Twenty-six minutes later the other machine finished.

The two Cat 323E hydraulic excavators were carrying out identical work, representing basement and trench construction.  The objective was to be the first to finish the job on the best grade.

After only a few minutes the machine using the conventional method had already stopped several times to wait for the grade checker to come and measure. The machine equipped with Cat Grade Control continued working at full pace.

The grade control system allows the operator to receive guidance directly in the cab on the standard HD display. Caterpillar said that it enhances the operator’s speed, accuracy and material. It also boosts safety and reduces the number of people on the ground.

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