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Fri April 16 2021

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Bespoke and off-the-peg earplugs

17 Apr 15 Auritech has launched what it claims is the only universal-fit hearing protector that accurately positions a precision sound filter deep inside the ear canal.

Auritech's made-to-measure earplugs
Auritech's made-to-measure earplugs

The Auritech universal-fit protector has a patented venturi-shaped sound channel, a precision-tuned ceramic filter and a ‘unique’ tri-sectional design for maximum comfort. The company says that the design allows for normal conversation while effectively turning down the volume on extraneous noise. The company has also produced a new custom fit model that is moulded to the user’s own ear canals. Auritech technicians take a mould of each ear canal and from that, the company produces a pair of bespoke ear protectors from either a hard UV-treated material or from a soft medical-grade silicone. Auritech sound filters are embedded inside each moulding.

Customers typically receive their custom earplugs three weeks after the moulds are taken, along with the original moulds, should replacements ever be required. Each pair of custom ear protectors will last for up to five years, says Auritech.

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