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Mon April 19 2021

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Boris boards Crossrail TBMs

27 Mar 15 London mayor Boris Johnson visited the Crossrail project 42-metres below Liverpool Street Station today as the final boring machines are prepared for one last push.

Never one to miss a good photo stunt, London mayor Boris Johnson clambers over one of the TBMs
Never one to miss a good photo stunt, London mayor Boris Johnson clambers over one of the TBMs

Crossrail tunnel boring machines Victoria and Elizabeth are currently being prepared to complete the last two 750-metre tunnel drives between Liverpool Street and Farringdon. When they reach their destination and the big east-west breakthrough is complete, all 26 miles of Crossrail’s new train tunnels will have been created.

Taking the opportunity to climb all over the TBMs, Mayor Boris Johnson said: “These hardworking beasts have slowly but steadily been working their way across London underneath our feet. The last time I saw them they were at Canary Wharf, and now nearly six million tonnes of earth has been excavated and their work is almost complete. The project, the largest in Europe, will transform rail services across London and remains on time and on budget.

“We must capitalise on its success and work to ensure Crossrail 2 becomes a reality. With the government confirming this week the Crossrail 2 route is now safeguarded, and businesses and the public showing overwhelming support for the plan, we are moving even closer to delivering another much needed new rail line for the capital.”

Crossrail chairman Terry Morgan said: “It’s fantastic that the end of tunnelling is now in sight. For nearly three years, our machines have been inching their way forward beneath the streets of London. Once the tunnelling is complete, we will turn our attention to fitting out the tunnels with the tracks, cabling and all the systems needed to deliver a fully operating railway.”

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