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Tue November 24 2020

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Cat fills gap in ADT series

4 Oct 18 Caterpillar has reintroduced a 36-tonne model to its articulated dump truck (ADT) range.

The Cat 740 GC
The Cat 740 GC

The Cat 740 GC comes with new controls, transmission-protection features, hoist-assist system, advanced traction-control system, stability-assist system, and a fuel-saving ECO mode.

Rated payload capacity is 36.3 tonnes (40 American tons, hence the name).

It also has an automatic retarder-control system that requires no input from the operator and a ‘wait-brake’ feature that temporarily applies the service brakes during pauses in the work cycle.

There is also a hill-start system that automatically holds the machine on slopes, allowing the operator to move from the service brake to the throttle without rolling back.

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The Cat advanced automatic traction control (AATC) system applies differential locks to avoid wheel spin.

A combined transmission-and-hoist lever provides single-lever control of gear selection and body-hoisting functions. A switch in the cab allows operators to choose either manual or assisted-hoisting mode – the latter allows the automatic application of the wait-brake, shifting of the transmission to neutral, and raising of the body to maximum angle at engine high idle when the hoist is momentarily flicked to the raise position. The assisted-hoisting mode also allows automatic return of the body to the lowered position when the hoist control is momentarily flicked to the lower position”. Both raise and lower functions feature automatic speed reduction and cushioning of the body at the limits of its movement, reducing forces that could cause shock loads.

Controls for limiting machine speed, for transmission gear-hold, and for wait-brake application are engaged using buttons on the combined transmission/hoist lever. In addition, a shift-protection system brings the truck to a safe stop if a directional shift is made while the truck is moving.

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