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Mon June 14 2021

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Cat modifies excavator for waste handling

3 May 12 The new Cat M318D MH waste handler is a wheel excavator adapted for use where work space is restricted by either overhead or adjacent obstructions.

Cat M318D MH waste handler
Cat M318D MH waste handler

The undercarriage has been modified so that the heavy-duty swing-bearing tower is now centered on the undercarriage, making it equidistant from axles and stabilisers for symmetry and balance, whether working over the front or rear. In addition, the tower is larger to accommodate the hydraulic cab-riser swing bearing.

The boom has also been modified, with a shorter pin-to-pin length of 5.35m, compared with 6.4m on the conventional M318D MH.

In addition to the modifications that fit the M318D MH waste handler to work in confined areas, an optional waste handling package equips the machine for work in waste transfer stations or other dusty applications. This includes an automatic, hydraulically driven fan that cleans debris from the radiator by periodically reversing airflow after a specified interval (from 2 to 60 minutes, set manually at the monitor). A wire-mesh hood reduces radiator clogging. For added engine protection, a Sy-Klone pre-cleaner separates and ejects debris from engine intake air before the air reaches the machine's primary air cleaner.

Machine Specifications

Operating Weight*

20 500 kg (45,195 lb.)

Rated Net Power

124 kW (168 PS)

Transport Height

3 400 mm (11.2 ft.)

Max. Overall Height **

7800 mm (25.6 ft.)

Top Speed (F/R)

25 k/hr (16 mph)

Auxiliary Hyd. Pressure

350 bar (5,076 psi)

*     Approximate, with front and rear stabilisers, pneumatic tires

**   Boom vertical, stick horizontal

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