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Mon November 30 2020

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Celebrity engineer launches book

12 Feb 18 Structural engineer Roma Agrawal has brought out a book celebrating the achievements of her profession.

'Built' explores achievements in civil and structural engineering
'Built' explores achievements in civil and structural engineering

Built: The hidden stories behind our structures explores and explains the progress in engineering that brought each new wave of innovation, citing examples such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Burj Khalifa.

The book is illustrated by her own drawings and published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

Roma Agrawal rose to fame as a member of the design team at consulting engineer WSP that worked on the foundations of The Shard, Europe’s tallest building. As a photogenic woman of Indian heritage, she rapidly became the face of diversity in a traditionally stale, male, pale profession. Since May 2017 she has been an associate director at Aecom, but continues to have a flourishing parallel media career, promoted by her personal website,

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