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Wed December 06 2023

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Cemex invests in logistics software firm

12 Apr 19 Cemex Ventures has announced an investment in Linkx, a company that produces specialised software to optimise the delivery of materials.

The company’s software solution allows control of deliveries and vehicles in real time, to help decision-making and facilitating communication among the shipper, carrier, and receiver.

Cemex said that Linkx enables shippers or freight generators to plan deliveries in a simple way, allowing them to assign operations to their own carriers or third parties. In addition, it digitises delivery vouchers.

Drivers also benefit from the system, said Cemex. Linkx allows drivers to optimises their routes and the tool is able to collect signatures and offer evidence for proof of delivery.

“Through Linkx, customers receive merchandise very easily, are informed at all times of the delivery process, and receive the same digital receipt,” said Cemex. “The platform allows them to assess the service, improve trust, and provide feedback to shippers and carriers.”

Cemex Ventures CEO Gonzalo Galindo said: "After numerous optimisations, we have piloted this solution with several Cemex clients to achieve a very robust solution for the supply chain management challenge.”

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