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Mon June 21 2021

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Cordless rebar cutter

28 May Enerpac has launched a battery powered cutting tool that can get through number 6 rebar or similar metal bar up to 20mm in diameter within five seconds.

Enerpac’s Cordless Bar Cutter in action
Enerpac’s Cordless Bar Cutter in action

Enerpac’s EBC-Series Cordless Bar Cutter is designed for those who work in environments without access to on-site power or where spark risk is a concern.

It can make up to 125 cuts on a single charge, the manufacturer says.

The cutter has a 360-degree rotating head that allows the tool to be either positioned flat on a work surface, where metal bar can be fed through the blades from a comfortable working position, or rotated in any orientation needed to finish hard-to-reach cuts.

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