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Wed June 23 2021

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Efficiency benefits claimed for GTL hydraulic fluid

16 Mar 20 Shell has produced a new lubricant that it claims improves the hydraulics in construction machinery.

Shell Tellus S4 VE hydraulic fluid is formulated with gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology and specifically designed for mobile hydraulics in construction.

It is claimed to not just run cleaner than conventional mineral oils, but also deliver improvements of up to 6% in equipment productivity and 5.5% in noise reduction.

Using the fluid also cuts energy loss from hydraulic pumps by up to 21%, Shell claims, thus improving efficiency.

“Shell Tellus S4 VE is specifically designed to cut noise on site and deliver smoother running, greater precision and higher productivity,” said Drew Swinton, UK & Ireland technical manager for Shell Lubricants. “This makes it ideal for construction companies that need the highest possible standards of efficiency, durability and noise reduction.”

Formulated with natural gas, GTL lubricants have a high viscosity index, better oxidation stability and better response to detergent additives than traditional lubricants, Shell says. This improves wear protection and means the lubricant is more efficient and durable – thus making machines run more quietly.

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