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Tue May 11 2021

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Feedback wanted on NEC4 alliance contract

3 Aug 17 Contracts publisher NEC is looking to industry for industry feedback on its new NEC4 alliance contract, which is designed to unite project teams on a single contract.

NEC has released the consultation draft of the new NEC4 alliance contract to get views from users, check it meets industry needs and to iron out any wrinkles.

The new contract has been created to support clients who wish to integrate the entire supply team for large complex projects into a single collaborative contract. The basis of the contract is that all parties work together, sharing risks and rewards.

Ian Heaphy, NEC4 contract board member, said: “The construction industry recognises the benefits that integration and collaboration can bring to the delivery of major projects and programmes of work. The NEC4 Alliance Contract will support those clients who wish to take a step forward by fully integrating their delivery team on a single contract – for all members of the supply chain, including the client.

“Working on a performance based contract – with shared risks, shared responsibilities and aligned objectives – the members of the alliance work together as an integrated team, where an alliance board manages the alliance on behalf of the members. Any decisions of the alliance board need to be unanimous making this a truly collaborative approach.”

The consultation is now open and it will close on 30th November 2017. You can download the consultation document here.

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