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Thu May 06 2021

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Final girders installed for record-breaking bridge

20 Apr 17 The entire deck structure has now been installed for India's longest extradosed bridge.

SP Singla Constructions is contractor for the bridge and McElhanney Consulting Services provided both the design and erection engineering services.

The design team believes that the US$100m (£78m) Arrah-Chhapra Bridge in Bihar is also likely to be the longest multi-span extradosed bridge in the world. The bridge has a total length of 4.35km, made up of the 1,920m-long multi-span extradosed section over the Ganges and more than 2km of simply-supported approach spans.

The 120m-long navigation spans are supported by five extradosed stay cables arranged in a single-plane harp configuration. The navigation spans and 2km of the approach spans are composed of single-cell precast concrete box girders, while the remaining 0.35km of approach spans are cast-in-place.

The team erected the girder segments using the free-cantilever method for the extradosed spans and the span-by-span method for the approach spans using an overhead portal frame to position segments on falsework.

Secondary cable stressing operations and finishing works can be carried out now that the last of the 608 extradosed girder segments have been erected.  

The bridge will carry two lanes of traffic and a footpath in each direction, helping alleviate congestion at the three other permanent bridges spanning the Ganges’s 400km path through the heavily populated state of Bihar.

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