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Mon August 08 2022

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First Class Degrees for Manchester Property & Construction Consultants

27 Jul 10 Three undergraduates at Property Tectonics (pt) have achieved a first class honours degree in Building Surveying from University of Salford.

The £4.5m turnover business employees, Gian Wong, Kirstyne Murphy-Hodgson, and Robert Hewitt  studied for their degrees as part of the company’s Undergraduate Training Programme. Gian studied full time; Kirstyn and Robert studied part-time.

All three graduates will now continue their employment by joining the firm’s graduate training scheme where they will work towards full RICS membership.

pt takes staff training at all levels very seriously andruns a competency training database where the qualifications, development and training of all staff members is continually monitored to ensure that the necessary skills base is met throughout the company as well as providing a facility for staff to record their continuing professional development achievements.

Managing director Professor Trevor Mole, who is a Visiting Professor at Salford University, has had strong links with the University for over 30 years and also has made connections in Europe through the Association of European Building Surveyors and Construction Experts pt provided a gap year placement last year for a Danish student from Via University College Denmark.

Trevor Mole said: “While many of the biggest firms in the property sector had to cut back on graduate and post-graduate training schemes in the current climate, we have felt it important to maintain our commitment to education and training.

“We firmly believe that retaining and developing existing employees is essential to securing long term success for our business.”

Photo left to right: Phil Beswick (Director), Robert Hewitt, Gian Wong & Kirstyne Murphy-Hodgson

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