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Sun September 23 2018

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First tunnelling machine arrives for Grand Paris Express

31 Jan The first tunnel boring machine (TBM) for Grand Paris Express railway has arrived on site.

The TBM, which has been built by Herrenknecht, is more than 100m long and 10m in diameter. Once in the ground, it is set to work at a rhythm of 12m a day to build a connecting tunnel between Champigny and the main tunnel of the network’s Line 15 Sud. It will set off from Champigny Plateau.

First to arrive from Herrenknecht’s manufacturing facility in Germany were the components weighing between 28t and 78t to make up the TBM’s 135t cutter head. They arrived last month, with the final sections of the TBM train delivered this week.

Once assembled at its launch point, 20m underground, the TBM will set off to build a 2.2km section of the project.


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