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Sun September 19 2021

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Helskini tackles problem streetworks

5 Dec 18 The city of Helsinki in Finland is embarking on a project aimed at reducing the disruption caused by roadworks.

The goal of the project is to identify changes that could be implemented to improve the situation. As part of the project, the city has established a research project with Aalto University aimed at examining out the current state of the street projects and their economic effects from the perspective of groups including residents and companies.

The number of major projects on the city’s streets is increasing; in many places, the streets and the services under them are due for a complete renovation. The city and its partners are also investing in public transport, the improvement of conditions for bicycling and walking and development of new housing areas. In addition to the larger repair works, every year there are thousands of other excavation works on the streets of the city.

"We are faced with considerable challenges in terms of the disturbances caused by street works to the city residents. These pertain to, for example, scheduling, excessive lead-times, work-related disturbances and work site conditions and communications,” said mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

The university will research the best domestic and foreign operating models before developing a specific operating model for piloting, said Professor Olli Seppänen of Aalto University’s Department of Civil Engineering.  “In these, we are looking for ways to speed up the work by decreasing lead-times, slashing redundant functions and increasing the foreseeability,” he said.

The first students from Aalto University have already started with the observations at a construction site.

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