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Tue April 20 2021

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Inner glow

17 Apr 15 Aggregate industries chooses glow-in-dark workwear

Fhoss Technology is another specialist that offers a powered lighting option for wearable PPE.

Traditional workwear usually incorporates highly reflective strips which glow brightly by reflecting light from an external source. Hence, to be seen, the wearer must be illuminated by vehicle headlights or some other light-source. The Fhoss range, however, emits its own light so that the wearer is visible even in pitch dark.

It does this by incorporating enhanced reflective prismatic tape with a batterypowered illuminated core.

One company that has decided to adopt the Fhoss Technology solution is Aggregate Industries, whose asphalt and highways divisions have both recently bought the garments for their site workers.

Garry Fitzpatrick, road surfacing supervisor for Aggregate Industries’ Scottish division, said “Unfortunately, there are external hazards that are sometimes out of our control…Any way that we can light ourselves up and protect ourselves from these hazards is something we need to take very seriously. Knowing that our men are lit up from every angle and in total darkness gives us all peace of mind”

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