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Sun September 26 2021

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ITW Competition Winner Nails It!

1 Oct 10 ITW Construction Products, leading manufacturer of Paslode and Spit fixing, fastening and gas nailing systems, has announced the winner of its recent PPN35i nailing game competition, which was hosted at this year’s Jackson’s Bonanza event.

The competition took place at the Lincolnshire Agricultural Showground and the new computer game is based on using the Paslode PPN35i Positive Placement gas nailer. The aim of the game was simple: to shoot as many nails into the joist hangers displayed on the computer screen within 15 seconds.  After a long battle, Alison Rockcliff’s speedy skills on the mouse meant she was eventually crowned the winner and takes home a Paslode PPN35i Nail Gun as first prize. 

The PPN35i is the first cordless positive placement nailer for fixing joist hangers, truss clips and metal connector plates to timber. The Paslode PPN35i nose piece successfully locates the hole, even where joists are spaced only 300mm apart and at angles of up to 35 degrees. When the tool is fired, the probe kicks out of the way, driving the nail into the hole.

Alison Rockcliff comments, “I am delighted with my win and hope to make good use of the PPN35i nail gun in the future.  Thank you Paslode!’

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