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Fri April 16 2021

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K-Tec increases scraper capacity

1 Sep 15 A Canadian manufacturer has launched what it says is the largest construction pull scraper on the market.

The K-Tec 1263 ADT
The K-Tec 1263 ADT

The K-Tec 1263 ADT has a heaped capacity of 48 m3 (63 cubic yards)and empty tare weight of 27.7 tonnes (61,000 lb). It is designed to be pulled by a 36-40 tonne articulated dump truck.

K-Tec Earthmovers says that the hitch system transfers 32% of the scraper load weight directly to the point where the truck is designed to carry weight.

The K-Tec 1263 ADT is an enhanced version of the previous 1254 ADT. The extra 9 cubic yard capacity comes from a 4.64-metre long bucket and larger gate belly to contain more material.

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