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Sun February 16 2020

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L&Q plans offsite construction drive

5 Feb 19 One of the UK’s largest housing associations is ramping up its offsite ambitions and has developed its own modern methods of construction strategy.

L&Q's product innovation team that came up with the MMC roadmap
L&Q's product innovation team that came up with the MMC roadmap

L&Q says that by 2025 all of its new homes will be built using so-called modern methods of construction (MMC) – a term that spans the spectrum from component kits to bathroom pods to complete prefabrication.

Next month L&Q will launch its first range of prefabricated product designs including bathroom units and balconies, which will then go into production in 2020. Later in the spring this year, it will build its first offsite manufactured homes outside of London. By 2025, it plans for all of its new builds to feature some aspect of MMC, and by 2028 it aims to place its first entirely prefabricated home on a site.

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Last year, L&Q made a commitment to deliver 100,000 new homes with partners over the next 10 years. To meet this ambition, it established a product innovation team, led by construction services director Wayne Hill. One year on, the result is an MMC roadmap.

L&Q group director of development Fiona Fletcher-Smith said: “To achieve large volumes of building, while still maintaining quality, we needed to innovate. Offsite offers a world of exciting possibilities – faster build programmes, improved build quality, tackling the skills shortage and reduced project costs. Some people get nervous when they hear a part of their home has been built in a factory. But it actually guarantees better quality, because these are better environments for assembling and building in than the harsh outdoor climate. Ultimately, we believe this will be better for our customers. Their homes will be better quality, more cost effective, built faster whilst still holding the benefits of traditionally built homes.”

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