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Mon December 04 2023

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Mainline launches its accredited installer programme

25 Oct 11 Mainline’s accreditation programme, which has recently been launched, is enabling qualified electricians to install the Mainline system across a whole host of residential and commercial applications due to an increasing nationwide demand.

The free accreditation courses, which take place regularly at Mainline’s head office in Surrey, allow electricians to get to grips with the system and find out more about how it works, before undertaking both a residential and commercial trial installation under the guidance of a Mainline course assessor.

Upon completion of the half day course, electricians will receive full Mainline Accredited Installer status, alongside a pack to get them going on the way to regular installations - this includes a Mainline Accredited Installer T-shirt, demo kit and sales handbook in addition to a starter kit which they can install in their own home or sell on to a customer. Accredited installers also receive full marketing support to help them promote their business locally, including a listing on the Mainline website and help with local campaigns if required.

Dave Elmer from Spectrum Electrical who jointly hosts the course with Mainline said: “The accredited installer courses are free to attend and take just half a day to complete, allowing electricians to be back on the road again in no time at all. Once an installer becomes accredited, they are provided with support from the Mainline team to help them make the most of their new accreditation status – this means they are provided with the details of installation opportunities in their area and given additional marketing support whilst also being able to pick up the phone and speak to a specialist should they ever require additional assistance.”

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