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Sat December 09 2023

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Container building firm targets coronovirus needs

19 Mar 20 US container-based structure specialist SG Blocks has responded to the coronavirus pandemic by introducing a new product line of units designed to enable safe isolation.

SG Blocks, which designs and fabricates container-based structures, has introduced health and safety modules to help support the medical response.

It said that potential applications for the container-based product line include external patient care rooms, staff testing and re-testing centres, housing for hospital staff, offices for those requiring quarantine or monitoring and first-responder units. They could also be used for screening and quarantine at airports and venues.

“We believe these products can offer states, cities and employer’s options for those in their care or custody,” said Paul Galvin, Chairman and CEO of SG Blocks. "They are designed to help students, patients, health professionals and others exposed to Covid-19 isolate in a safe place. Those that work in the service economy, especially emergency and medical personnel, should have an option other than going home to risk infecting loved ones.”

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