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Mon August 08 2022

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New guide helps SMEs find openings on €5.5bn tunnel project

20 Dec 13 A new initiative has been introduced to make it easier for lead contractors and subcontractors on the upcoming Fehmarnbelt construction project to find each other.

Femern – which is tasked with designing and planning the project – produced a guide that describes specific tasks that may be relevant to the subcontractors. With the guide, the small and medium-sized companies can get an overview of their options, and, for the first time, have the direct contact details for the international construction consortia that are preparing bids.

In spring 2014, Femern will launch a dedicated website that will act as a market place. The website will give subcontractors the opportunity to describe what they can offer, and thus contact can be quickly and effectively be established between the parties as soon as a need arises at the construction consortia.

Several hundred small and medium-sized companies in Denmark and Northern Germany are poised to take part in the building and construction tasks on the Fehmarnbelt project. Femern has noted growing interest from companies; particularly since September, when the company put the mail tunnel out to international tender.

“Large and international construction consortia are competing to win the contracts on the world's longest immersed tunnel,” said Femern technical director Steen Lykke. “To some extent, they will be able to supply their own personnel and equipment for the construction project, but they will also need subcontractors from the surrounding area, ie from all over Denmark and northern Germany. As a result and at the tender stage, we expect that the consortia will examine which tasks can be procured from the small and medium-sized companies that have set themselves up to be subcontractors. As the client, we cannot take it upon ourselves to establish direct contact between the parties, but we can make it easier for them to find each other.”

A study by the research firm, Copenhagen Economics, shows that the construction of the tunnel will create employment equivalent to 55,000 man-years in total.

Of the 55,000 man-years, 25,000 of them will be directly related to the construction sites for the Fehmarnbelt, while a further 30,000 will be created at the companies that are suppliers to the construction sites. 

The guide for subcontractors is available from the project website (link opens in new tab).

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