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Sun February 28 2021

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Volvo paver for WPI Surfacing

29 Sep 14 WPI Surfacing, part of Cheshire’s WPI Group, has chosen a Volvo wheeled P6870C paver to take over its front line operations.

WPI's new Volvo P6870C paver
WPI's new Volvo P6870C paver

The P6870C has a variable screed width of between 2.5m and 5m in standard configuration but can be fitted with optional extensions to provide a width of 9m. The machine has a theoretical output of up to 700 tonnes per hour at varying screed widths and depths.

The EPM II electronic paver management system allows the operator to store up to 12 parameter settings for the major functions such as screed temperature, tamping & vibrating, conveyor, and auger & paving speeds.

Other features include automatic adjustment of tractive forces according to the weight of material in the machine’s 12-tonne capacity hopper.

WPI contracts director Paul Farrer said: “We were looking for a highly specified paver and the P6870C didn’t disappoint our expectations whilst we had the machine on evaluation.

“Besides the quality of the product, we were impressed with the extremely low noise emissions, the quality of the finished mat and above all, our operating crews found it to be very user friendly – in fact they are exceptionally pleased with it.”

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