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Fri January 28 2022

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New timber grabs from Engcon

15 Jun 16 Swedish manufacturer Engcon has launched a new series of heavy-duty timber grabs for attaching to excavators.

Engcon's new Timber Grab Heavy Duty (TGHD)
Engcon's new Timber Grab Heavy Duty (TGHD)

The timber grabs are produced in four different sizes: TG25HD – 0.25 m2; TG28HD – 0.28 m2; TG42HD – 0.42 m2; and TG55HD – 0.55 m2

Design features include high-strength steel grab arms with yield points up to 700 MPa and grab tip wear bars with 400 Brinell hardness for best durability. A non-return valve is built into the hydraulic cylinder and an accumulator is mounted directly onto the cylinder without hoses to keep the load secure should any pressure drop occur.

“Our end-users are our greatest R&D resource bar none, and it's thanks to them we know we're developing the right product for the right use," said Engcon design manager Johan Johansson.

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