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Mon July 22 2024

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New training regime for scaffolding firms

16 Jul 13 All new entrants to the scaffolding industry must now attend a one-day training course.

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) has introduced a mandatory new entrant trainee and scaffolding labourer course into the scheme.

The new CISRS training makes it a requirement for any new entrant trainee or labourer to complete a CISRS one-day course before a card will be issued. This will take effect from 1 September 2013.

The new courses will be carried out at CISRS-approved centres across the UK. Alternatively, companies with facilities to carry out the courses can run them ‘in-house’ by a suitably qualified member of staff. Any scaffolding company wishing to deliver in-house training will be required to make an application to CISRS and be assessed. A package of training materials is available to them.

Operatives wishing to apply for the new entrant trainee/scaffolding labourer card must also pass a CITB health, safety and environment test (or possess a recognised exemption). Applicants should apply for their card within two years of the test date or they will have to complete another test.

Related Information

CISRS scaffolding labourers will be required to repeat this course every five years to renew their card. Existing CISRS scaffolding labourer cardholders will be required to complete the course when their current card expires as part of a new CISRS scaffolding labourer refresher training scheme.

CISRS training manager David Mosley said: “These new compulsory courses are a very welcome addition to the CISRS Scheme – teaching all new entrants and labourers the basics of the industry and how to keep safe when working with scaffolding and access solutions, whilst also making sure existing operatives are up to date. And prioritising safe practices at work can only be a positive move. This also helps the scaffolding sector meet the UKCG requirement that every operative must have received some formal training before being allowed onto their sites.”

The CISRS new entrant labourer course will include:

  • relevant regulations and codes of practice
  • general responsibilities
  • basic scaffold terminology (components & application)
  • servicing of equipment, tube, fittings etc.
  • boards & stock – quality control
  • health, welfare, hygiene & housekeeping
  • electrical safety
  • fire prevention & control
  • noise & vibration
  • work at height
  • accident prevention & reporting
  • personal protective equipment
  • site transport safety (including loading & unloading)
  • equipment & tools
  • manual handling (Including a practical element)
  • lifting equipment using a rope & wheel
  • questions/test paper.

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