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Mon June 21 2021

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Panama Canal expansion reaches concrete milestone

11 Sep 13 Three million cubic metres of concrete have now been poured in the construction of the new lock complexes for the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Photo by ACP
Photo by ACP

The milestone was registered during the construction of the new locks in the Atlantic side, specifically in the second monolith located in the east wing-wall water outlet. The wing walls are located at the opposite ends of the lock complexes, where the enormous culverts that are part of the lateral filling and emptying system of the locks finish.

The wing wall outlet is located next to the ocean, where the water used for each transit is finally released.

Since the wing wall structure will be permanently exposed to sea water, a marine-grade structural concrete mix was used, providing a greater protection to the reinforcement steel in the presence of chlorides.

Completing both new lock complexes will require a total of 4.3 million cubic metres of concrete.

The project is building a new lane of traffic along the Panama Canal through the construction of a new set of locks, which will double tonnage capacity to meet demand from world maritime trade. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is in charge of managing, operating and maintaining the canal.

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