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Mon August 08 2022

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PPP contractors well placed for global bonanza, says healthcare report

8 Dec 10 The UK health sector will spend £94.2bn on infrastructure in the next 10 years, according to a report by consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). And the the contractors involved could benefit from massive international demand.

PwC’s report, Build and Beyond: The (r)evolution of healthcare PPPs, says that public and private sector partnerships (PPPs) are emerging as a model for financing and managing healthcare delivery globally and could create a multi-trillion global market for private companies and investors, relieve the burden on taxpayers and offer better quality health systems.

Contractors with PPP experience and expertise will be placed for a global market that is today worth $263bn a year and in 2010 will be worth $397bn.

The report provides evidence that international interest in health PPPs is increasing, and the market is positioned for rapid growth over the next ten years.

Ian Wootton, UK head of health and global PPP health leader, PwC said: “The impact for UK PPP players will be two fold, firstly as the UK faces the challenge of delivering greater efficiency and with the “any willing provider” policy, broader opportunities will open up for UK public private partnerships.  Secondly there will be a growing international market where they can apply their experience.”

He added: “There is no country in the world where healthcare is financed entirely by government.  Each territory is looking for the appropriate balance of public and private resources and has different motivations for looking at PPP solutions whether it is to share risk, expand capacity, accelerate innovation or increase access.  PwC’s experience is that health PPPs are a model with an equally compelling business case from New York to New Delhi, from Spain to Singapore and from Montreal to Munich.” 

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