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Mon March 01 2021

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Survey shows construction professionals feel good about their work

29 Oct 14 A survey of more than 700 construction professionals has revealed that only 10% would not recommend working in the industry, while 74% would.

The survey was conducted by the Construction Industry Council's 2050 Group
The survey was conducted by the Construction Industry Council's 2050 Group

It also shows that 80% feel good about their work and believe they make a positive difference through their job.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) 2050 Group has published the results of an online survey that it held in February and March this year.

The survey sought views on four key themes: Attitudes to the Industry; Progress on Sustainability; Social Media; and Innovation.

Respondents represented a cross-section of the professions, and included people working in facilities management, academia and sales & marketing. The overall response was overwhelmingly positive to working in construction with 83% saying they are proud to work in the industry and 55% believe theirs is an inspiring job.

While the overall response to job satisfaction was positive, the survey highlighted several areas where improvements could be made.  Among these are:

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  • Attitudes – only 33% are inspired by the achievements of their organisation on diversity; adoption of flexible working practices would ensure the industry continues to appeal to both genders up the career ladder. There is a desire for more extensive collaboration between disciplines in the construction process.
  • Sustainability – not enough is being done to improve environmental sustainability and further progress is needed around water and biodiversity. Reuse and refit of existing buildings is seen as important.
  • Social media – use of social media could be better and could help with some of the key communication challenges for industry.
  • Innovation – materials, ICT and prefabrication provide scope for further innovation. BIM is seen as an important tool for further innovation but not the only domain.

In general, younger respondents were more impatient for the construction industry to do more in the domains of social media and sustainability.

Louise Clarke, chair of the CIC2050 Group, said: “"The CIC 2050 Group survey sought to understand what inspires people currently working in the Industry, to help encourage future recruits into the industry. We were overwhelmed by the response we received and pleased that there was such a positive reaction from people about being proud to work in the industry.  The results have provided us with a detailed data source in which some key themes have emerged. The CIC 2050 Group intend to shape its future work around these responses in order to continue to be a voice for people at the early stages of their career." 

The CIC 2050 Group is the youth wing of the Construction Industry Council, with a remit to determine what they would like the construction industry of the future to be like.

Its full report, CIC2050 Group Construction Industry Survey 2014, is available here.

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