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Wed September 26 2018

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Telematics Hub navigates disparate OEM systems

30 Jan A software firm says that it has developed a universal solution to the problem of plant fleet operators with mixed fleets struggling to use the various different telematic systems supplied by different OEMs.

MCS-rm Telematics Hub brings together different OEM portals
MCS-rm Telematics Hub brings together different OEM portals

Each manufacturer of construction machinery, or most of them, has its own telematics system providing useful data on machine usage. But the value of this data – equipment location, maintenance, utilisation, fuel use and more – could be enhanced if a fleet operator had a single point of information. Currently it's all a bit VHS and Betamax.

Rental software specialist MCS has developed its MCS-rm Telematics Hub to help equipment hire companies derive more value from their existing manufacturer telematics by making them accessible through a single portal.

MCS has identified that, for rental companies in particular, with their diverse fleets, having to log in to each manufacturer portal separately makes it impractical to get the information efficiently. The alternative is a costly retrofit of new telematics units across their entire inventory to unify their telematics.

As a result, rental companies rarely use manufacturer telematics to their full potential, MCS says.

Within MCS’ new Telematics Hub, fleet managers can configure and consolidate all their manufacturer logins in one place to enable them to lookup the equipment telematics data directly from their MCS-rm hire sheet.

MCS Software development manager Chris Clarke said: “MCS expects fleet telematics data to play a far more central role within rental businesses in the future with significant improvements in maintenance, safety in the workplace and active monitoring of ROI [return on investment] targets.”


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