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Fri September 24 2021

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The Desksurfer height adjustable work platform for access

8 Oct 10 The Desksurfer height adjustable work platform for access over desks, table etc., is getting to be the work equipment of choice for most facilities engineers when working at height.

It is compact, easy to manoeuvre and will fit through single size doors and into lifts.  There are no loose parts or assembly required as the Desksurfer is ready to operate and use when positioned.

The platform provides a 900mm cantilever over the desk, is 600mm wide and has incremental adjustment from its lowest position of 995mm to its highest position of 2320mm for the Model 42FM.  The mast options are either an upright mast (UM) or for transportation in vehicles, a folding mast (FM).

The range of Desksurfer’s provide reach heights from 3.5m for the Model 35 UM or FM and up to 6.0m for the Model 60FM.  Additionally, Desksurfer’s can be paired up with bridging platforms to span over large board room tables.  Ability manufactures the Desksurfer and undertakes special custom built units to meet clients specific design and application requirements.

The Desksurfer is versatile, robust, has options like insulation, seat/tool tray and adjustable legs, plus has been proven to be 800% more efficient than desk spanning scaffolds in a timed trial.  The other major advantage is that for most jobs it suits operatives who work by themselves i.e. loan workers.

For more information contact Ability International  on The Construction Index or call 0845 128 9745.

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