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Sat October 20 2018

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Upgrade for Ausa dumper

7 Mar Spanish site dumper manufacturer Ausa has taken its D400AHG model out of production and replaced it with the new D450AHG.

Ausa D450AHG
Ausa D450AHG

Machine dimensions are unchanged but the new model has an increased load capacity of 4,500 kg in its rotating skip.

Addressing concerns about visibility and stability in site dumpers, Ausa says that it has designed the skip so as not to obstruct the operator’s view and the rear counterweight adds stability under full load.

While there is a move towards cabs on larger dumpers, in standard package this model has a familiar ROPS bar to protect the operator in the event of a rollover. However, a closed cab is offered as an option, along with a Full Visibility System that has two cameras with infrared night-vision, eight proximity sensors and a TFT screen in front of the driver.

The operating system is controlled by joystick, which has integrated functions for moving the machine forwards and backwards and for lifting, lowering and rotating the skip.


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