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Tue July 16 2019

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USA seeks new ways to fund highways

14 Feb The USA’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is awarding US$10.2m (£8m) in grants for pilots to test new ways of financing highway and bridge projects.

The Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives (STSFA) grants will allow seven states to test other ways of supporting the Highway Trust Fund, which currently relies primarily on the federal gas tax.

FHWA officials has selected proposals from seven states – California, Delaware, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Utah. The projects will investigate and evaluate various mileage-based and road-user charges, including for trucks and automated vehicles, and the implementation and operation of the technologies at a regional level.

 “These grants provide states with the opportunity to explore innovative new ways to help pay for infrastructure improvements and maintenance,” said deputy federal highway administrator Brandye Hendrickson.

Projects include an investigation by the Delaware Department of Transportation–I-95 Corridor Coalition into the use of mileage-based user fees in a multi-state region.  The project addresses the requirements for implementation, interoperability, public acceptance, and other potential hurdles across state lines.

Minnesota Department of Transportation will investigate the feasibility of distance-based user fees while Missouri Department of Transportation’s project involves the deployment of strategies such as a vehicle registration fee along with other used-based charges.

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