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Mon December 04 2023

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Vancouver Port secures funds for interchange upgrades

3 Jun 19 A project to separate road traffic from trains at two key rail crossings near Vancouver has moved forward with the confirmation of two packages of funding.

The upgrades are designed to remove bottlenecks for trains, improving the flow of goods and helping accommodate growing trade.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has signed a formal agreement with the government of Canada to receive CA$48.8m (£29m) for the project and has announced its own commitment to contribute CA$39.1m toward the project as a partner agency.

The funding will go toward a project to separate road traffic from trains at two key crossings—Harris Road and Kennedy Road. The aim is to help improve public safety, emergency response times, and commute times, while reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions related to idling vehicles.

The project includes a new four-lane underpass crossing the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) main line at the location of the existing Harris Road crossing. There will also be a new two-lane overpass crossing the CP main line at the entrance to the Vancouver Intermodal Terminal; the crossing would replace the current rail crossing at Kennedy Road. There will also be a new rail siding track for parking trains, including a new rail bridge to support the Vancouver Intermodal Terminal.

The project is anticipated to cost CA$141.1m. As a next step, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is working closely with the City of Pitt Meadows and CP to finalize agreements for final funding and project implementation.

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