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Fri January 21 2022

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Veidekke lands 900,000t asphalt deals

8 May 14 Veidekke is on track for a record year in asphalt production after landing contracts in Norway for 900,000t of asphalt.

"We have never seen a higher order backlog than we have now,” said managing director Øyvind Moen.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration's annual tender competition has given Veidekke a large share of asphalt contracts with 900,000t of asphalt at a value of NOK800m (£80m). The company also has a number of large construction projects on the client list along with municipalities, airports and private assignments for businesses and households.

"This combination of customers and assignments is good for us, so we can't deny that we are very satisfied with our order situation," said Moen. "This year the asphalt season started earlier than last year. Such a start puts our industry in a very good position, and we expect to lay well over 2 million metric tons of asphalt all over the country during this season. In comparison, that is more than if we had asphalted two lanes (8 metres in width) on the 2,523 kilometre stretch between Lindesnes and the North Cape through the whole of Norway.

Veidekke has also been awarded a large share of five-year contracts for operation and maintenance of classified and secondary roads for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Veidekke lost one contract, but won five in this year's tender competition. These are valued at around NOK1bn over the next five years.

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