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A fortnightly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week’s events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.

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76 | Hydrogen (fuel of the very near future)

18th August 2021
To discuss the new UK Hydrogen Strategy, and what it means for construction and the built environment, Bishop & Taylor are joined firstly by Buta Atwal, CEO of Ryze Hydrogen and Wrightbus, and then by Cadent regional development manager Helen Boyle and Isaac Occhipinti from the Energy & Utilities Alliance

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75 | Climate change, HVO and Modular entry costs

11th August 2021
Bishop & Taylor discuss the latest scary news from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as well as the rise of HVO fuel and the deep pockets of modular house-builders.

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74 | Stonehenge Revisited and 3D Printing

4th August 2021
Bishop & Taylor discuss recent judgments from Mr Justice Holgate, one supporting the government’s roads programme and one blocking its Stonehenge tunnel plans. They also discuss whether 3D printing is just slow slipforming without formwork.

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73 | Bridges and Pings

27th July 2021
Helena Russell, author of Cleveland Bridge: 125 Years of History, joins Bishop & Taylor to discuss the company seeking rescue from administration. Also discussed in this episode are the music of the Golden Gate Bridge and the pings of the Covid app.

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72 | Net Zero Week and Builders’ Merchants (revisited)

21st July 2021
With it being Net Zero Week, Bishop & Taylor discuss an industry initiative for measuring progress in the built environment. And as fans of a good hardware store, they return to the topic of builders’ merchants.

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71 | Easing Restrictions, Green Lorries and Driver Shortages

15th July 2021
With ‘freedom day’ approaching, Bishop & Taylor discuss what it means for the construction industry. They also mull the decarbonisation of road transport and the shortage of truck drivers.  

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70 | The Building Safety Bill, Bristol Beacon and Self-healing Concrete

7th July 2021
Bishop & Taylor discuss the Building Safety Bill (which had its first reading in the Commons this week), Willmott Dixon’s reconstruction of what used be known as Colston Hall, and seemingly magic concrete that repairs itself.

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69 | Rising Costs and Plant Hire Woes

30th June 2021
Callum Mackintosh, president of the Scottish Plant Owners Association, joins Bishop & Taylor to discuss challenges facing the plant hire sector. But first our regular hosts briefly revisit flexible working and discuss why costs have risen on a Norfolk road project.

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68 | Flexible Working Results

23rd June 2021
Bishop & Taylor are re-joined by Emma Stewart of Timewise (previously heard in episode 42)  to discuss the results of the Build UK-sponsored study into flexible working on construction sites.

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67 | B3W vs BRI, Webuild and Timber (Again)

16th June 2021
Bishop & Taylor discuss B3W (‘Build Back Better World’), the G7’s plan to counter China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). They also talk about the growing prominence (at least in their email inboxes) of Italian contractor Webuild; and they return to the topic of Scottish timber production.